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Friday, November 25, 2011

A Thanksgiving of Firsts

It was a thanksgiving of firsts in the O'Neill household. Baby S celebrated her first thanksgiving ever. Daddy and Mommy had their first Thanksgiving on their own, as keeping S healthy means keeping to ourselves until the spring. Since it was the first Thanksgiving we hadn't spent with family or friends, it was also my first turkey. I had a big sigh of relief when it came out just right without any major crisis!

It was also my first pie ever. I know that is embarrassing for someone like me who loves baking and all things domestic to admit, but alas, it is true. I have always been intimidated of pies! But it turned out fine. It tasted good even if it was a bit ugly :).

We had a very nice holiday by ourselves. I even got to take a nap while Niall watched S, which was amazing. We played Christmas music in the kitchen as we cooked together.

All in all there is so much to be thankful for this year! I am so thankful for S, who in all reality would not have made it to be with us apart from the loving mercies of God. I am thankful that she is off of her oxygen. I am thankful that none of us have gotten sick since she has been home. I am thankful that both sets of her grandparents and one uncle have been able to fly out and see her. I am thankful for delicious food and a cozy home, for a wonderful husband who works hard for us and strives to lead us spiritually. For a wonderful church body, many fantastic friends, and the freedoms we have to worship God in this country. For the Word of God and open access to Him in prayer. For His many tender mercies which are new every morning!

What are you thankful for this year?             

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