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 Hello, my name is Rachel. I've been married to my wonderful husband Niall for eight years. We have three beautiful babes- our daughter S is 5, our son W is 3, and sweet girl E turned 1 in October.

Some of my favorite things in life include tea-drinking {especially Earl Gray and Darjeeling!}, reading, sunny days, and family snuggles. My family recently relocated from Pennsylvania to Kansas City, Kansas, but we have extended family members across the country and globe- I come from Oregon originally, and my husband is from Ireland.

Because I am a born-again Christian, I believe in a Sovereign God who's redemption of me gives great purpose to every facet of my life. From my marriage, to parenting, to homemaking, I'm striving to do all things for His glory. I am desperately in need of His grace each day as this sanctification business is progressive.

God's sovereignty gives purpose especially to our pain. My husband and I learned this in a big way through two miscarriages, and then my daughter's premature birth {at only 27 weeks}. Life sure isn't easy, but by His grace it is marked by deep joy and the sweetness of His presence.

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I'm also a big fan of reading the actual Bible to little kids.

Thank you for reading along! I pray that you find The Purposeful Wife to be an encouraging and enriching place as we walk alongside the Lord together.

If you'd like to connect, you can find me on the following platforms:

Or email me: thepurposefulwife@gmail.com.
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