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Friday, December 30, 2011

December with 3in30

Baby S in her Christmas Best :)

My three goals for the month of December were as follows:

1. Start exercising again (I stopped exercising in June when I went into pre-term labor with my daughter, and haven't gotten back into a consistent schedule of exercise since).

2. Play with my daughter more (it is so easy to be distracted by technology and housework, I wanted to make a point of focusing more on her, instead of just having her along for the ride).

3. Pray every day (who doesn't need to improve in this area? It is a vital discipline for the Christian!).

Here's how I did:

1. On Exercise- Okay. My goal was just to do something, no matter how small. I exercised on average 1 or 2 days a week. Most of the time I did twenty minutes of a yoga video session. You know you are out of shape when yoga is enough to wear you out :/. I still have a lot of room for improvement in this area, both with frequency and variety- I really need to start kicking my butt with pilates and the treadmill :). So I will be focusing on this area again next month.

2. On Playing with S- Getting better! Although I didn't always set the timer for undistracted playtime, I made a point of putting my phone down, getting off the computer, and just enjoying S more. It wasn't hard, especially now that she is smiling so much :). She even tracks toys and various objects with her eyes now. Again, still something I want to keep focused on, but I think I really improved in this area.

3. On Prayer- Good. Almost every single week day I was able to get in at least 20 minutes. Ironically it was the weekend, especially the Lord's Day of all things, when I struggled. How is it that on a day set aside for worship and rest I didn't make time to pray??? This did improve as the month went on though. I've started Matthew Henry's A Way To Pray, very good, and I have been working on praying through passages of Scripture that I read.

How did you do on your goals this month?


  1. Your little lady looks so sweet in her Christmas dress!

  2. Sounds like a great job! You're daughter's picture is so sweet- love the dress. Happy New Year and #3in30 Blessings!

  3. Don't worry, S won't LET you be distracted before too much longer :)

  4. What a sweet picture - and great progress on your goals :) Happy New year!!


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