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Monday, December 5, 2011

New Goals for a New Year

My husband turned 27 last month. The poor guy took it very seriously, not exactly sure that he wanted to be another year closer to 30. It was good though in that it inspired some reflection. Another year has gone by. What is it that we have accomplished? How are we doing on becoming the people that God would have us to be? There is nothing like a birthday, or the New Year for that matter, to get you to examine your priorities, the direction of your life, and where you would like to be another year down the road.

Reflection shouldn't lead to despair or disappointment over what you haven't done. Rather it should inspire you to start fresh on new goals with renewed energy. I love the start of new seasons; the school year, the New Year, etc. It fills me with delight! One more opportunity to try again. A new chance to grow in grace and improve. A blessing from the Lord that He certainly did not owe us.

For Niall and I, this time of reflection couldn't have been timed more perfectly. S is almost five months old, and has been home from the hospital for just about three. We are starting to adjust to our new life as parents. When there is a newborn in the house, schedules and goals are easily pushed to the peripheral. Early alarm clocks are silenced, the sleep you didn't get last night proving more desirable than time in the Word and prayer together.

Yet it is especially important that as parents we demonstrate discipline and good prioritization to our children. Sure, S isn't big enough to know what's going on now, but before we know it, she will be! And if we don't make the necessary changes early, it will be too late.

It has been a great blessing to make new goals as a team. For Niall to have the proper amount of time in the morning for his personal devotions, and then for us to have breakfast and a quick time of prayer and reading as a family, we need to get up at 5 am. The first week we tried it, we managed to succeed 3 days out of five. Week two was better, 4 days out of 5. Now we are on week three, aiming to get up at 5 all 5 days! And starting our day right together has been life-changing. We have noticed improvement in our communication, and closer personal walks with the Lord throughout our busy days. What a blessing!

So here's to another year :). What are your goals as the new year approaches?

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