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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Book Review: Finding God's Path Through Your Trials

During my daughter's NICU stay, my Pastor's wife and I read Elizabeth George's book Finding God's Path Through Your Trials. It was extremely helpful at the time, and I would recommend it to any woman going through a difficult season in life, no matter the type or size of the trial. The book is organized by character traits a woman can learn to develop in times of trial; Joyfulness, Stability, Maturity, Mightiness, and Endurance. Each trait is based off of a specific section or verse of Scripture.

I truly appreciate Elizabeth George's ability to take simple truths from God's Word and illustrate how we can practically apply them. She is compassionate and yet no-nonsense all at once. If God says to do something, we must obey. She has lived out His Word through the ups and downs of her own life. Many true stories of herself and women she has known are shared in the book to encourage the reader, no matter their circumstance.

The biggest things I took from reading it were: 1)You are not alone in your trial, and just because your trial may seem more difficult then your neighbor's, doesn't give you any reason to take pride or to develop a superiority complex. 2)You should not desire to rush out of trials, thinking that things will be better as soon as you are relieved. Trials are a fact of life, and the trial you are in now will only lead to greater ones. This is not pessimism, it is reality. Ask the Lord to teach you through each trial, cling to Him and allow your closeness to Him to make life sweet.

A good book well worth reading. I hope that it encourages you as you face life's day-to-day difficulties!

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