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Monday, January 16, 2012

Good Links

Here are a few places around the web that I've found worthwhile lately. Sit down with a cup of coffee and something sweet, and enjoy them as you start a new week!

Biography of William Wilberforce- John Piper's cover of this historical giant is well worth a listen. If you enjoyed Amazing Grace, you will enjoy hearing more about Wilberforce! I found him to be much more godly and compelling in real life, and his wife to be a much greater disappointment then what the movie portrayed. It's an hour and a half, so this is good to carry you through laundry folding and ironing.I've been listening through all of Piper's biographies which he does at yearly pastoral conferences, and they've all been very educational and beneficial so far!

Make your own vegetable stock- My friend Katie shares a great way to use the parts of vegetables we normally throw away. Such a good feeling to use something that could be trash to stretch your kitchen dollar while making something healthy for your family!

Great blog- Just discovered Jessalyn's blog Desiring Virtue. Her by-line says it all: "Homemaking for the Theologian." Because we aren't just homemakers. We are the theological educators of our children, and that is a super important role! I particularly appreciated her posts on miscarriage, a very God-centered outlook, which unfortunately seems to be rare among Christian Women's writings on this topic.

Just for fun blog- The Modern Mrs. Darcy: Redefining the Accomplished Woman. Very fun for all Jane Austen fans, and even just women in general. I like her definitive guide to Pride and Prejudice on film. She also has great posts on historical and literary women.

Happy Monday!


  1. These all sound great! I'm a fan of Jessalyn. :)

  2. Thanks Jessica! Yes, I am so excited to have found her blog :).


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