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Thursday, February 23, 2012

MYO Bread Machine Bagels

My bagels, a trifle ugly, but extremely delicious!
 I don't know about you, but bagels are one of my favorite things. The past few Saturday mornings have found me rushing to local bakeries to buy one for me, and one for my beloved. It occurred to me that perhaps it might be cheaper to make my own.

So I pulled out my favorite kitchen appliance and did a Google search. This was the recipe I found. As I read it, I became nervous over the complicated process. You boil bagels? Really? What if they turned out soggy and gross? I decided to save the recipe for a less busy day, since it seemed a bit involved of a process.

The intended day came, and I did it. And you know, it turns out making bagels is a lot of fun! It wasn't too difficult, and the boiling part was rather fast paced. They puff up and become giant in the water. Mine turned out a bit ugly, and as my husband wisely said, I have a ways to go in perfecting them. But they were really tasty (we both thought so!).

Every morning this week as we've had them for breakfast, I've thought they taste just like bakery bought bagels, and when spread with butter or cream cheese they look the same too. And I've had a little surge of delight that I made them all by myself :). Well, at least with the help of my handy bread machine.

Go ahead and give them a try! I will definitely be making another batch this weekend, before my inevitable bagel craving kicks in :). My husband loves onion and everything bagels (yuck!), so he hopes I can figure out a way to top the bagels in these varieties. Any ideas on how it can be done ladies?

Happy bagel making!


  1. Excellent! I MUST try these. Too bad I no longer have a working bread machine...

    1. Abi, I was thinking, could it be done with a Kitchen Aid mixer? BC the recipe only uses the bread machine for the first kneading cycle. A thought worth trying perhaps...


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