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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Purposeful Perusal, 1st Edition

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Ahh, the weekend, here at last :). Here are some links for your enjoyment. Read them and don't feel guilty, because you are investing your time in something of value!

Why you shouldn't read this blog- Nursery of the Nation presents excellent guidelines for Mama's surfing the web. Super convicting. Don't just read and nod your head, take it to heart and truly apply it!!!

Tackling a dreaded chore- Jacinda of Growing Home Blog shares how she cleaned her very dirty refrigerator. I love that she shares pictures, because it makes me feel less ashamed and alone! Her advice is also helpful. Go be inspired :).

A Letter to My Children on Marriage- Head on over to Raising Homemakers for a beautiful letter crafted by a mom for her kids on what marriage is truly about. 

Blog of the Week: Muthering Heights and other Senseless Sensibilities. If the title alone doesn't tip you off to Jessica Height's cleverness, then reading her posts certainly will. Beautiful photography compliments sweet motherly sentiments. I highly recommend for your edification and inspiration!

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