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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Purposeful Perusals, 3rd Edition

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Divided Movie- I normally post things to read, but this documentary is a MUST see for all Christian families. You can watch the film for free (it just requires you to sign up for a newsletter, we signed up a month ago and have yet to receive anything, no biggie) on the site. Although I must warn you some of it is cheesy, the information presented is excellent. A young man explores the question, "Why are youth leaving the church?"

Establish a Family Service Night- Speaking of the importance of family in ministry, Lindsay Edmonds at Passionate Homemaking has a great list of ideas for ministering to others in your community as a family. Very refreshing concept, and good especially for families with small children.

Blog of the week: All That is Good. Trina Holden's blog has just gotten a new look, and it is very pretty :). Trina is the ultimate DIY, gardening, whole foods and everything natural woman. Be prepared to be intrigued by tipi tales and lessons she learned on the homestead (oh yes, she did live in a tipi!).

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