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Friday, March 2, 2012

Friday's With Fly Lady, Week #1

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  For those of you who missed yesterday's post on my goals for March, one of them is to go through Fly Lady's baby beginner steps. In her beginner steps she helps you to slowly build workable cleaning and good living habits into your days. Lately I have been craving routine and order, and I've wanted to do this forever, so March seemed like the perfect month! Here was how my first week went (technically I started in February, since I will be observing Sunday's as the Lord's Day and a day of rest and worship, I'm going to need the extra days to make it up).

Day 1- I shined my sink. Due to a lack of bleach, I first scrubbed it down with antibacterial dish soap, then baking soda, and finally finished with a Windex shining :). I took extra care to use a straight edge and get in the little cracks and crevices. It turned out very pretty and sparkly :)!

Day 2- I dressed to the... earrings? Fly Lady says to dress to the shoes, to make yourself feel ready to go and professional as you tackle your day. We are a no shoes household, so I figured the equivalent for me is doing my hair and putting on pretty earrings!! Definitely helped me to feel more put together. Before bed, I did another Windex shining to keep my sink sparkling.

Day 3- Fly Lady says its time to check out the daily messages. I signed up for her email list; she advertised that she emails 10-12 times a day. In reality it is closer to 16 or more times a day. This is way too much for me! I unsubscribed, and decided to check the daily flight plans and other relevant information on her website. Again, Windexed the sink before bed and dressed to the earrings.

Day 4- Write reminders for yourself on post-its as the start of your "control journal." I have a To Do list I am referring to daily already, so I added my Fly Lady reminders to it. And checked the messages and shined my sink and dressed to the earrings.

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 Day 5- Instructed to write out my negative thoughts and replace them with positive ones, I thought it would be more beneficial to write Scriptures for my motivation in keeping a well-ordered home. Proverbs 31:27, Titus 2:3-5, Ecclesiastes 9:10, Ephesians 6:6-8, and Colossians 3:23 all come to mind. And once again I shined my sink before bed, dressed to the earrings in the morning, and checked out messages on her website. I am loving this shiny sink :).

All in all my Fly Lady experiment is proving beneficial so far. I feel energized and motivated, that shiny sink truly is a catalyst to greater cleanliness ;). Have you checked out Fly Lady yet? Wanna join me?

I'll just end with a quick re-cap of February's goals for you 3in30 gals:

1. Organize my office- successfully accomplished :), I am glad to report.
2. Establish a morning routine- not as successful. I have my list of things to do in the morning, but often am still in pj's at noon. Fly Lady is helping this area currently!
3. Read six books- Sad to confess, I only finished 4. The fifth was finished March 1st, and I still have thirty pages of Packer's Knowing God to finish. Hoping to do that and still read another 6 in March!

Check out my March goals here.


  1. I'm all about Flylady and need to get back into my routine that I started with her. Hmmm.. I'll think I'll hang around awhile to see how you do, too!

  2. I think I could use FlyLady! Maybe I'll do this with you. I told God earlier today I'd pray about things before I started them haphazardly.


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