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Friday, March 9, 2012

Friday's with Fly Lady, Week #2

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I must confess I slacked off last weekend, not completing the day's Fly Lady challenge on either Friday or Saturday (and of course Sunday is the day I take off from it anyway). My goal is to take as long as I need to complete each day, giving myself plenty of grace. Because forming new routines and developing habits is a process, and takes time. Here's what I've been up to:

Day 6- Spend two minutes putting out your hot spot. I took two minutes right before bed to clean up the pile collecting on our counter top. The night's that I do work on my hot spot make a huge difference! The pile is almost gone, and oh the clarity it brings to me, emotionally, mentally and physically. It's so much easier to breathe deeply and feel energized in a pile-free home!

Day 7- Pick out your clothes for the next day. I must confess I've only done that once this week :). But it did help me to get dressed earlier in the day!!

Day 8- Find a binder and write your morning and evening routines into it. I'm one step ahead of Fly Lady as I already have a binder with my To Do lists and Routines in it. I've written each baby beginner step into my routines as I go through them day by day. So far, in the morning we are: getting dressed to the earrings (if you don't understand, check week #1), checking our written reminders for the day, reading Fly Lady's messages for the day, focusing on our Biblical purpose for a tidy home, and apparently putting out our hot spot (oops, I've only been doing it at night). In the evening we: shine our sink (love the shiny sink!!), put out the next day's clothes, and put out a hot spot for two minutes.

Day 9- Add a five minute room rescue to your morning routine. Basically, take five minutes to focus on one room. What's worked for me for ages is what I call "Tidy Up." This has been on my morning routine for awhile, though sometimes it isn't done until early afternoon. I run around my house, making the bed, picking up the random things that have been left out, wiping down surfaces, maybe sweeping up crumbs. Whatever the most obvious things that are making the house look messy, I deal with. This is my secret to a semi-tidy home. Okay, maybe I'm not following Fly Lady to a tee, but I'm all about figuring out what works best for you in your home. Do what works! Or nothing will be done :).

Day 10- Spend 15 minutes picking up trash around your home, then 15 minutes putting your feet up and relaxing. Again, I'm varying on this just a tad. One of my March goals for 3in30 is to spend 15 minutes each week day organizing and de-cluttering my kitchen, so I count this instead. I've been doing pretty good on this so far, only missed one day.

The only other 3in30 goal I have yet to mention is reading six books. I have not completed a single book on my list, but I did get distracted and read the entire Hunger Games Trilogy this week :). So interesting! Look for my thoughts on it next week. And I have begun several of the other books for March.

That's how my adventure with Fly Lady is going. Have you been going through the Beginner Baby Steps too? What has been the most helpful? If not, how are your other March goals coming?


  1. Fly Lady was too much for me - I wanted emails, but not an overwhelming mass of emails all the time. I made Sam's "The Box" and I am going to use it.

    I love the tidy up routine you do. I also totally agree about making something work for you.

    1. I know! I had subscribed to her emails at first, but after about two days I couldn't handle it and I unsubscribed. I just check the daily flight plan and other relevant material on her website :).

  2. Great progress on your goals! And I've heard a lot about the Hunger Games books... I need to read them some day. :)

  3. I use the same logic to keep my house somewhat clean.
    Great work on your goals!

  4. Working with the Fly Lady's goals on a daily basis sounds like a great project during March. You've been accomplishing so much! I'll need to take a look at the Beginner Baby Steps program. Sounds like a great place to start.


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