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Friday, March 16, 2012

Fridays with Fly Lady, Week #3

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 *Here is Week #1 and Week #2, in case if you missed them*

My third week with Fly Lady is finished, and so far this experiment is going quite well. I am not following every instruction to a tee, but I'm trying to break down the theories behind her system into a system that works well for me in my current life phase.

For example, much of what Fly Lady advises is run by a timer- 2 minutes putting out a hot spot, 5 minutes on a room rescue. My 2 minute hot spot each night involves putting items away, un-timed and one-handed, while bouncing a fussy baby. My version of a five minute room rescue is what I call "tidy up" on my morning routine- I go around the house, make my bed, pick up stray items, and tidy whatever is untidy. This takes about five minutes, and it works for me.

I have not shined my sink every night *gasp!*, but because I am doing it far more frequently than ever before, it still looks pretty good most of the time. Do what works for your home and fits your needs! No system will last, no matter how clever, if you don't make it your own. Here was my week of baby beginner steps:

Day 11- Spend 15 minutes writing down your "inspirational" phrases on a page in your control journal. I didn't spend 15 minutes, but I did jot down some of the verses that help to motivate me in homemaking, and a favorite word of encouragement, "Something is better than nothing." Said sheet is in my binder!

Day 12- Delete all of Fly Lady's messages from your inbox. I beat her to the punch. As you know if you've been following my Fly Lady journey, I found the 15-20 e-mails a day a little too spammish. I unsubscribed after day three. Oops.

Day 13- Choose one of Kelly's missions for the day and do it. I love Kelly's missions! The first day it was to shine your bathroom sink and wipe down all of your bathroom counters; done in 5 minutes. I did them several days throughout the week, even though it wasn't technically "required" in the baby beginner steps, just because they were easy, made my home a smidge cleaner, and helped me to feel more accomplished :).

Day 14- Read Kelly's essay on using a calendar. This was a two minute task, and I was pleased to have finished my Fly Lady task so early in the day :).

Day 15- Add making bed to your morning routine. This is technically a part of my morning routine already. I must confess I don't make it immediately upon rising, usually baby is still sleeping in her crib at the foot of our bed, so the less noise I make the better. Also many mornings I sneak back into bed with S for her morning nap :). Hey, a mommas gotta do what a mommas gotta do ;).

Day 16- Pick an e-mail from Fly Lady and read it. Since I unsubscribed quite awhile ago, I've been checking daily flight plans and other relevant information on the launch pad.

And here are my other two 3in30 goals for March:

1. Read six books- I've been sidetracked from the six that I had planned on reading, but I am making good progress in three of them, and I did read all three of The Hunger Games Trilogy (read my thoughts on them here). What do you think- can I count that as successful?

2. Purge and organize my kitchen, 15 minutes each week day. I have only spent the 15 minutes about every other day, oops. But the kitchen itself is going well. Most of the organization and purging work is done, so I need to turn my attention to a deep clean next I think. That's what I love about focusing on one room a month, it is so manageable, so if I don't work on it every single day, it still gets done by the end.

Have you been "flying" with me? How do you like it? How are your other goals for the month going?


  1. Good job on the three books you've completed. Your halfway there. Your kitchen purge is doing well it sounds like. Good job.

  2. Looks like you are making great progress! I'm doing ok on my goals, but not as well as I would like... :)

    1. Thanks Jenni :). Don't worry, two weeks left to go! Just keep plunging ahead :).

  3. Great job on the kitchen! Love the book challenge!

  4. Sounds like you are making some great changes and improvements with using the Fly Lady's guidelines. That's good that you're adapting them to fit what you need and works for your household.

    I would count the three books you read and three books you re working on now as ones toward your goals. Even if they were different what you anticipated at the beginning of the month, they are still six books!

    As a side note, you said you wanted to see pictures of Olivia's room that she and I painted this past week. I took before and after pictures of her room and they're posted on my site now (on the 3 in 30 update for Week #2).

    1. Thank you! I'm heading over now to check out Olivia's paint shade :).

  5. I am new to 3in30 challenge and I don't think I have ever heard of Fly Lady...sounds interesting...

    1. Yes, she can be a bit intense, but so far I'm finding her baby steps to be helpful in bringing order and routine to my home :). Welcome to 3in30!


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