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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Things You Learn To Do One-Handed as a Mom

Since becoming a mother I've noticed new abilities in myself for multitasking. As women we are known for multitasking anyway, but being a mom can take this talent to a whole new level! For example, having to bounce a crying baby or balance a bottle for a hungry one while continuing whatever else it is you are trying to get done.

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Here are some funny things I've found myself doing single handedly:

  • Typing (bonus points for hitting control+alt+delete, it takes mad skills!)
  • Going to the bathroom (gross I know, but I'm sure I'm not the only one :) )
  • Stirring whatever is on the stove top
  • Measuring ingredients for whatever you are baking
  • Picking up the house
  • Making the bed
  • Eating (a hot meal? what is that?)
  • Starting a load of laundry
  • Setting the table
  • Putting away clean dishes
  • Talking on the phone (a given I suppose!)
  • Starting a loaf of bread in the bread machine
  • Putting away folded laundry

The things I haven't managed yet (or have been to afraid to try!) include but are not limited to ironing, pulling things out of the oven, folding laundry, and showering :). When these tasks are necessary I hope and pray that the swing or bouncy seat will pacify the babe.

I guess if I just wore my baby in the baby wrap more often I could make my own life quite a bit easier :).

How about you- what things do you amuse yourself with by doing one-handed? 

*Warning: I am NOT a proponent for trying to hold your baby while ironing or taking things out of the oven... or showering for that matter! Please be safe, and disregard my silliness!*


  1. This is so funny! So true, as a mom you have to function using one hand...comes with the title. Love the picture and I have pulled something out of the oven with one hand!

  2. Yes! And I have probably done almost all of these while nursing as well... Haha

  3. I have actually taken things out of the oven.... but it was light stuff. Not a casserole or anything... :)


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