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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

5 Reasons I Love My Kindle

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When I was put on bed rest for S, my grandmother thought a Kindle would be a nice gift for the gal who loves to read but was stuck on her back. Oh was she right! Although I have always loved and will always love a good, old-fashioned book, hardcover or paperback, this clever device has found its way into my heart. Here's what I like the best about it:

1. A Lighter Load. Before owning a Kindle, I was known to lug around 2 or 3 books at a time in my purse.... because who knew what I would be in the mood for when an opportunity to read struck? Now they are all contained in one slim, light bundle. Good news for my suffering shoulder :).

2. Easier to multitask. Have you tried to read while breastfeeding, only to have the baby squirm and loose your place in the heavy volume you were precariously holding down with your thigh? Hopefully I'm not the only one. Struggle no more! The sleek design sits nicely next to you, or can be held comfortably in one hand. No more loosing your place or struggling with a heavier book.

3. Free Classics. How wonderful to find many classic, public domain works absolutely FREE in the Kindle store! No more trips to the library to find a grimy edition of Pride and Prejudice or Frankenstein. Within seconds you can have a clean crisp copy ready to read in the comfort of your own home.

4. Book Swapping. Not only does Kindle have it's own lending library, it also gives you access to freely borrow any books that a friend has on their device. Par example, last month I borrowed The Hunger Games from the Kindle store. I quickly finished it, and was dying to read the rest of the trilogy (unfortunately the Kindle library only lets you borrow one a month, a ploy to get you to buy perhaps?). So I posted a quick facebook status asking if anyone had the Kindle edition of the Trilogy that they would be willing to loan me. Within 15 minutes, someone had responded favorably, and that very evening I had it loaded on my Kindle. How cool is that?

5. An Introduction to the World of E-books. Before owning the Kindle, e-books were of little interest to me. Download a PDF file to print or read from my glaring computer screen? No thanks. With the Kindle, all of a sudden I had an easy introduction to wonderful e-books by bloggers such as Tsh Oxenreider, Sarah Mae, and Trina Holden. A win-win scenario!

In case if you've wondered, these are a few of the perks from the perspective of a serious book lover :). Do you have a Kindle? What do you like best about it?


  1. I agree! I recently received a Kindle as a gift, as well, and I too have fallen in love with it. It's funny because I was thinking of writing a similar post on my blog, too. I love how many free books and free e-books are available. The Kindle is so affordable, too. Thanks for sharing!

    1. I have found a lot of good things for free at random as well, Money Saving Mom is usually good about tipping me off to those! :)

  2. Well, I don't have a Kindle...I'm a Nook girl! But, same reasons for loving it as the Kindle. They do have a lot of advantages. Thanks for the reminder :)

    1. Haha, Nooks are good too :). Sorry for my omission :).

  3. I still can't handle a Kindle--just too foreign for me. But a friend recommended a book series called "Caged Flower" by an author named Cullman Wallace, which is being released exclusively on Kindle. She said it was YA fiction, but all the 60+ year old ladies in her office were hooked on it. That's when I discovered the Cloud Reader (read.amazon.com), and I can hang with that quite nicely.

    I still love the weight of a heavy, hardcover book in my lap in the middle of the night, but that Cloud reader can satisfy my cravings well enough. Might actually get a Kindle one of these days just to see how well I can adapt to it.

  4. Rachel,
    I have a Kindle. If you have a libray card from your local library, you can get ebooks from your library. Just go to your library website, look for the e-book link, click on it, and search away. It will probably ask you what library you are looking for before checking out with your library card. In the options under Account, you can choose to have the book (s) for either 7 days or 14 days. Sometimes the books you may want to have are on the waiting hold, but you'll get an email saying you have 2 days to log in to your library account and get them before they get put back on the shelf. To get the books, after checkout, go to amazon.com, sign in, and download them. The books do not cost anything. Even though they will be expired after a week or 2 weeks, the titles will still be on your Kindle. The only solution is go to your account, view Kindle purchases, and delate the library books.


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