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Friday, June 8, 2012

My Home is {NO LONGER} Buried Under Piles!

When I left you yesterday, my house was buried under piles of laundry, clutter, and dirty dishes. My in-laws had just left (after a two week stay), and I had been unable all week to get myself back on track and into our normal routines of daily productive living. In case you missed it, go ahead and check out the "before" shots.

Well, today, I am happy to report that this is what I'm dealing with:

No more laundry piles (though I do still have two clean loads that need to be quickly folded and put away).

No more dirty dishes (they do come back quickly though, don't they ladies?!?!?).

And finally, no more clutter piles. Thank you Lord!

You may think that with all of those piles gone, today I can sit and relax. Not so! The piles are gone, but the crumbs and dirt still remain.

And tonight we have company coming for dinner! So today I'll be rolling up my sleeves and turning up Pandora again, and making food, cleaning my bathroom, vacuuming, mopping... and you guessed it, washing more dishes.

I am seriously looking forward to it though! Because once the day is over and I have a clean house again, I can settle back into our normal routines next week (and play "keep up" instead of "catch up").

What are you looking forward to this weekend?

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  1. It looks great! Want to come over and do my house? I don't have company coming, so the crumbs can stay ;-) The mice need to eat too (just a note... we do NOT have mice).

  2. Your home looks great! It's always nice to have the clutter and piles cleared away, even if it's only temporary.

    For this weekend, I'll be doing menu planning and spending time with my best friend (my hubby). :)


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