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Friday, July 6, 2012

It's Never Too Late to Start (Goals for 2012)

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Perhaps you recall that in January I set a goal of reading six books a month. I struggled and staggered underneath the weight of the goal, only to collapse in March or April and give up.

 I wasn't going to set a number of books to read, I was just going to read as much as possible, and try to be intentional about it instead of just wasting free time.

The number of books I was reading each month after that basically nose dived.

There is nothing wrong with changing a goal that you find to be unattainable or unrealistic. But I'm figuring out that if I change it, I need to keep it specific. I can always readjust or change it if it is still unmanageable. But I need to make it specific!

I've always been challenged and inspired by Crystal at Money Saving Mom. She sets great goals annually, monthly, and weekly. She posts updates each week on how she is doing to enlist the accountability of her readers. Nothing makes you stick to a goal like posting it for the world to see!

This week I was further inspired by Sarah Mae, who (also inspired by Crystal) has made goals for 2012 just recently, even though the year is half way over (can you believe the year is half way over?!?!?). 

I am one of those weirdo perfectionists who wants to start fresh in January. Start a year long Bible Reading plan in the summer? I can't do it. Something in me just bristles at unusual starts.

Yet late is better than never.

Thank you, Sarah Mae, for reminding me of that, and for courageously posting your "goals for 2012" in July.

I've been striving each week to follow through on my daily routines, yet I feel that I need more specific, measurable, and attainable goals that will get me moving towards my bigger picture each week.

My Goals for the last half of 2012:

  • Finish reading through the Bible in a year with McCheyene's Plan .
  • Read four books each month
  • Never read my Facebook Newsfeed again (it's been three weeks, and I am seriously loving it!)
  • Spend 30 minutes daily in prayer
  • Continue to memorize Scriptures from the recommended list in the back of the Catechism (I'll post the list next week)
  • Start studying Scripture, not just reading it
  • Exercise 5 mornings a week, whether it is taking a walk with S in the stroller, or doing a yoga or pilates DVD
  • Really, faithfully pray for Niall daily
  • Work on gentle, kind, encouraging, and supportive speech (my biggest struggle)
  • Find one sweet thing to do special each week (a massage, special dinner, love note, etc.)
  • Dress nicely for him, specifically work on presenting myself to please his tastes   
  • Read to S every day
  • Have intentional and focused playtime daily, even if only for 15 minutes
  • Pray intentionally and faithfully for her, daily
  • Spend 15 minutes each week day organizing/purging
  • Spend 15 minutes each week day cleaning
  • Cook one new meal each week (I've got to get out of my current kitchen rut!) 
  • Do one new "domestic" project every month
  • Post every day, Monday-Saturday
  • Get a more professional look and layout (we're thinking of switching to Wordpress, and purchasing the Genesis Framework... thoughts on that anyone?)
  • Continue going through Jonathan Edwards' 70 Resolutions, one week and Resolution at a time
  • Get up early on Saturdays (before Niall and S) to write, uninterrupted 
Each week I'll be posting breakdowns of each goal, my bite-size pieces, one 7 day chunk at a time. I will also report my progress from the previous week. 

Do you have goals for 2012? How have they been going so far this year? 


  1. Talk to Gretchen at Gretchenlouise.com if you're seriously considering switching to wordpress. I haven't bit the bullet because of the $ and I like how easy it is for me to hack blogger for different things.

    I say go for it, as far as new goals in the middle of the year :-)

    My only goal was to survive...and so far we're doing better than that :-)

    Sometimes I know I could post EVERY SINGLE DAY OF THE WEEK, but then I think it might be too frequently for my readers.

    1. Thank you for the tip Jess! Money has been our biggest dilemma also. We've set some aside, but it seems like an awfully big chunk to take a risk on if we aren't sure.

      You are amazing, and excelling as a triplet mom!!! 2012 has been quite a year for your family :).

  2. Great goals. I am a goal oriented person, but have found that I need to break them down...I get too overwhelmed by a list. I read TELL YOUR TIME by Amy Lynn Andrews and it was Fabulous read about all of this!

    1. I've heard so many good things about that book! I might have to cash in my swagbucks and snag a copy :).

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