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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Weekly Goals

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 July 7th-13th (my family is coming this week, which should be amazingly fun! but possibly crazy?we'll see how the goals do...)


Finish reading The Welsh Revival, and write a review for the blog. Read chapters 3-5 of Desiring God.

Set a timer for ten minutes every morning, devoted to focused and uninterrupted prayer (during baby's morning nap time). I know this is not the 30 minute end goal, but I'm starting small and trying to work my way up...

Continue memorizing Psalm 34. Get through verses 14-20 (I start one new verse each day).

Make a plan for in-depth Scripture study; which book to study, what tools to use, methods, time table, etc.

Exercise every morning, Monday-Friday. Do work out DVD's on rainy days, go for walks on sunny days.


Focus on kind and respectful speech towards Niall while company is here (when people are staying with us and things are crazy and busy, I've found its so much easier to speak to him rudely or short-tempered, etc. I really want to make an effort to honor and love him with my words, despite things being hectic). Ask him every night how I am doing, in a sweet-spirited and humble way, so that he feels safe to answer honestly.

One special thing for the week: a massage.

Dress up for dinner just one night next week, so that when he walks in the door I am in a skirt or dress :).


Read daily to S.

Spend 15 minutes in focused play time each day, concentrating on the developmental exercises the physical therapist has given us to do.


Spend 15 minutes every day, Monday-Friday, organizing/purging/decluttering.

Spend 15 minutes every day, Monday-Friday, cleaning.

Make one new meal for dinner (haven't decided what yet!).

Pick a "domestic project" to do in the month of July.


Get up early on Saturday to write for at least one hour, uninterrupted.

Post Resolution #4 on Monday.

What are your goals for the week?


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you Ashley! We'll see how they go... *gulp* nervous!

  2. Reading these I'm actually jealous of the "homebody" nature of most of your goals. I'm in the midst of a five week, 18 state trip with my husband and two kids (6 & 9); its kind of a reminder that--despite the craziness--I need to still have a focus in my day to day activities. This time is a blessing and I need to value every moment.

    1. There is something nice about being home...but how cool that you are taking such a big trip!!! Jealous ;)! I love road trips... it sounds like you are having a once in a life time sort of experience. I think it is important to be intentional and set little goals wherever it is that the Lord has you :). Enjoy your trip!!


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