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Thursday, August 2, 2012

My Husband's Sense of Humor

In case if you hadn't heard (really, who has???), this week is supposedly World Breastfeeding Awareness Week.

I only know because I was invited to attend a breakfast at my local hospital on Tuesday for moms who had breastfed one year (Woohoo! I made my goal!).

To celebrate our accomplishment, each mother was given a certificate congratulating her on one year of breastfeeding... complete with a blank space to fill her own name in.

I wonder how many moms will actually take the certificate home and write their name in??? Will they frame it in their child's nursery? Or post it on the fridge? Hmmm....

Well, my husband thought it was an amazing opportunity to be hilarious :).

This is the guy that, on my first birthday after we started dating, gave me a card consoling me on the loss of my wife.

He is a bit random. And a lot of fun! Which is one of the countless reasons I love being married to him.

So here is a picture of my certificate (which is currently on our fridge):

Because apparently, my year of exclusive pumping was quite the ordeal for him too ;). It involved a lot of washing of bottles and pump pieces, and commiserating... and listening to a lot of complaining from me. So thank you honey! And congratulations on your accomplishment ;).

In other news, less than one week after quitting pumping, my daughter has come down with her first minor illness. How's that for mother guilt?!?!?

Today we are keeping things low key, with cold compresses on her forehead, motrin and tylenol (to reduce her fever), restless sleep, and lots of snuggling.

 My poor baber :(. But I must say, despite her illness- isn't she sweet???

What's been going on at your house lately?

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