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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Christmas Cards- I've Got Your Number (Day 6)

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If you're tracking with our "No Stress, Ready to Bless, Early Christmas Prep Guide," then you should have already 1) decided what you're doing for this year's Christmas cards, and 2) compiled a numbered list of the names you'll be sending cards to (so that you'll know exactly how many you need).

Now comes my least favorite part. Bleh. It's a good thing we're tackling it in October, not December, huh? ;)

Collecting addresses! Ta da!

I know- not my favorite either.

This year, however, is going to be different. Because this year (if you haven't done it already!) you are going to put all of your necessary addresses into one neat and tidy document on your computer, and you are going to save it, so that next year you won't have to collect. You can just click a button and print out all of your labels.

How exciting! Are you excited??? Because I sure am!

Anytime in the future that you have to send out a mass mailing, you can just refer to your "Mailing List" document. Easy peasy!

Today's Assignment: Enough chatter, its time to get cracking. Pull out your address book, get your mom on the phone line (for obscure relatives addresses), and facebook message all of your buddies whose addresses you are missing. Make sure to find the address of everyone from your numbered list (so that you can actually follow through and send them out!). This might take you longer than 15 minutes. Actually, it definitely will (if you don't already have a saved mailing list document). That's okay- just spend 15 minutes on it each day from now until Saturday.

Money Saver: Instead of mailing, why not hand out your cards to local friends and family? We make a point of doing this each year, especially with church members! So much simpler :).

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