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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Christmas Cards- Your Plan of Attack (Day 4)

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Now that we've been over the gifts (your list, budget, frugal ideas for expanding it, and whether you're going to make or buy), we can move on to the second most pressing Holiday conundrum: cards.

Last year we waited until the week before Christmas to take a quick and shoddy family picture, print it in mass production, and stuff them into holiday cards I'd gotten on sale after Christmas the year before. I didn't even send the majority of them until after Christmas. Epic fail.

This year I refuse to find myself stuck in the rut of the last minute scramble!

Since we have a baby now and people seem to be more interested in seeing our faces (children change so quickly!),  we plan to send out a printed photo greeting. To make it extra easy on ourselves, we will go to a local chain photo studio for a picture, have them print the cards for us (envelopes included!) and walk out with all of the above in one fell swoop. Awesome- easy and done. It may cost a bit more than making it ourselves, but it is worth the price of less fuss and bother.

Half the battle is having a plan, peoples! So today the pressure is on: what is your plan for holiday greeting cards?

Maybe you won't send them at all. Fine- at least you've made up your mind.

Maybe you'll send out a mass email with pictures and Merry Christmas wishes. Great!

Or maybe you'll buy a box of Christmas cards from the store and just sign your name and send. Will you make cute and crafty card stock cards? Send a photo postcard? Type and print a family newsletter?

Whatever you're going to do, sit down (with your spouse if you have one) and make your decision. Then stick to it! Follow through and get it done (or leave it undone, if that's your plan), and enjoy your Holiday celebrations sans stress.

Today's Assignment: Make a plan for this year's Christmas cards. If you are going to need to schedule a photo session, go ahead and call the studio this week (better yet, today!).

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