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Friday, October 19, 2012

Playing Christmas Keep Up (Day 10)

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Over the past three weeks I've given you many little assignments. Even if you are keeping up faithfully, I am certain you still have a decent amount of holiday prep left to do. Take this weekend to continue hammering away- buying and making gifts, finishing up your Christmas mailing list and addresses.

In case if you've lost track, here is a list of all the assignments so far (for your convenience, to check off as you finish):

1. Make a list of everyone you will be gifting this Christmas.
2. Make a budget for holiday gifts.
3. Sign up for any rewards programs applicable to you. Check out Money Saving Mom's series for the month of October "31 Ways to Earn Extra Cash Before Christmas."
4. Make a note on your gift list next to each name if you plan to make or buy their gift.
5. If you decide to make gifts, check out my pinboard for inspiration :). Test run your ideas, start making your gifts.
6. Make a plan for this year's Christmas cards. If you are going to need to schedule a photo session, go ahead and call the studio.
7. Make a list of everyone you will be sending a Christmas card to.
8. Collect the addresses of everyone you are sending a card to, and type them up into a neat document. Save the document and set it up to print on labels. Keep it for every future mailing you send out!
9. If you are hosting this year: Plan a holiday meal that will be fun for you to make. Write out your meal plan and corresponding shopping list.
10. If you are going to someone's home for the holidays: Call the person who will be cooking for you and ask how you can contribute to the meal!
11.  If you will be cooking for the holidays: make your meal timetable.
12. Make your list of who and what you are baking for, what baked goods you will be making, and how much of each kind you will need. Pick a couple of dates out on your calendar and set them aside as baking days!

That's it for now! Have a productive and delightful weekend, and tune in next week for our discussion on keeping Christmas peaceful, simple, and rich with meaning.

How are you doing on your early prep? What has been the most helpful part of this series for you so far? 


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