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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

HAPPY Holidays- Your No Stress, Ready to Bless, Early Christmas Prep, Wrap-up

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You've pressed on, you've endured, and hopefully you are sitting at the end of this series with the majority of your Christmas preparations completed and tucked under your belt. Nice work! Doesn't it feel amazing?!?!

Or perhaps you've dabbled in these posts, meant to keep up, accomplished a few tasks, but feel you've fallen too far behind. Banish such fears from your mind, friend! Remember the goal (at least mine) was to finish your Christmas prep before Thanksgiving. You still have a little over two weeks to reach that goal!

I'm not going to lie- I haven't finished all of the projects myself. I had company that stayed for three weeks, an unplanned root canal that required three trips to a dentist's office 45 minutes away, and a teething baby that kept me up many nights. Trust me- I understand that sometimes we aren't able to stay on top of things the way we'd like to!

I am methodically working my way down the list though, and am on target for still meeting my goal.

Wherever you are at today, be encouraged, and press on. Whatever you are able to accomplish ahead of time will make your holiday season that much less stressful. Whatever you've completed, you are that much more on top of things than you were, say, last year ;).

My desire is that this series encouraged you to get things done, stop fretting, and to really soak up and enjoy this special season of celebrating Christ's birth. At the end of the day, that's what its all about.

So keep pressing on- go out and pick up those last few (or maybe more) Christmas presents, organize your home, wrap and decorate. Enjoy time with your family and friends, delicious food, that first snow fall.

Here is the entire list of posts for you to go back over and peruse. Pick up where you left off, or even feel free to start at the beginning if you're just joining us. Thanks for reading!

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