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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Ask the Homeopath {Part One}

I am so honored to be introducing you to my lovely sister-in-law today :). Niamh {pronounced "Nee-uv"- "mh" makes a "v" sound in Irish} O'Neill Cid resides in the gorgeous Co. Galway, Ireland.

She works as a homeopath, with patients consulting her both in her home office and at the local health food shop. She is beautiful, funny, and down-to-earth. You can "like" her on facebook where she posts wonderful articles, photos, and advice on all things healthy and natural. 

Me and Niamh... a long time ago
We had hoped to present this information to you in video format, but as she was only in town for a week at Christmas, we found the time to be too short. Instead it's been put together in written form for your benefit. I will post the second half of the interview on Friday, Lord willing. Enjoy!

1. All right, for starters Niamh, can you explain to us what exactly a homeopath is? 

Homeopathy has been around for over 200 years. It is a form of medicine which takes into account a person’s mental and emotional, as well as physical issues. The idea is to match remedies to a person’s symptoms. The remedies can be made from anything, but usually they are derived from plants or minerals. They are made in such a way that they are very powerful, but also gentle. There are no side effects, and they can be used safely in children and pregnant women.

2. What first led you to be interested in natural medicine?

I suffered my own health issues from an early age, including anxiety. While working in a health food shop I learned that certain foods could make this worse if a person has sensitivity to them. I cut those foods out and couldn’t believe how different I felt! This lead me to study Naturopathy, which deals with food and lifestyle issues. Then I got into detoxification in a big way and studied Field Control Therapy with New York physician Dr. Savely Yurkovsky. He recommended also studying Classical Homeopathy, which I did, and totally fell in love with it as I saw the difference it could make to people’s lives.

3. How does one go about becoming a certified homeopath? Obviously the process would vary from Ireland to the US, but just briefly explain what you personally had to do.

It’s a four year course which involves studying anatomy and physiology, as well as diseases, and of course all the wonderful homeopathic remedies. In the last year we had to take observed cases and present case studies of patients.

Niamh and her Husband Ario, who is from Barcelona, Spain
4. If I wanted to make one change in 2013 that would yield the most significant and positive impact on my overall health, what one thing would you recommend? 

Stop eating sugar. It depletes the body of minerals (it has to use them up to process it), and it can cause all kinds of health problems.

5. Does this include all sweeteners, or simply products made from sugar cane? Are there any "safe" added sweeteners?

Its best to stay away from sweet stuff altogether as once it hits the tongue the body reacts in the same way. Having said that, things like raw honey or agave syrup, and it has to be raw, contain minerals that make up for the ones lost when eating ;).

6. All right, on to a few reader's questions. How can a person do "natural" on a tight budget? 

Some people don’t realize that to eat healthy can actually work out cheaper than eating processed foods- especially because you need less- you’re getting better nourishment, so you won’t be as hungry. I noticed while I was visiting the US what good value the organic greens and carrots are over there. These are the best types of vegetables to eat.  

Everything doesn’t have to be organic but if I had to pick one food group I would say your animal products, like meats and dairy, as these can contain antibiotics and growth hormones, as well as being fed GM feeds. Lentils are your best friend- they are very cheap and healthy and provide a good protein in place of meat. Get vegetables and fruit in season and local if possible because they will work out cheaper.

7. What are the best ways to boost your immunities, without breaking the bank?

Green foods are the best way to increase your immunity. The best investment anyone can make for their family is a good masticating juicer {like the Green Star or Champion} as these will give you the most from your green veg. They cost a bit, but we’ve had our Green Star for 12 years now and it had already paid for itself after the first year. If you don’t have a good juicer, eat as much green veg as possible, or you can buy green powders like Barley grass or Blue green algae as a supplement. Also, as I mentioned earlier- cut out the sugar!

To Be Continued Friday....
With S at Christmas :)
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