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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Third Time's the Charm?

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In my first pregnancy, I made it through the majority of the first trimester, losing our baby to miscarriage.

In my second pregnancy, I made it right up to the end of the second trimester, delivering three months early.

In this my third pregnancy, I am hoping that "third time's the charm," and that I just might make it all the way to full term ;).

Now I don't really believe in luck or charms, but I am eager with anticipation to see what the Lord does this time around, knowing that come what may- miscarriage, preterm labor, etc.- He is good, and it will be good.

Yes, this is my announcement :). In case you've wondered why I haven't been online much, or why my dirty dishes were piled nearly to the roof, I've been struggling through nausea and taking many extra naps. I am 11 weeks, due August 4th, we heard the heart beat yesterday <3. Prayers appreciated!

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  1. Congratulations!!! Best wishes for a healthy nine months!


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