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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Embracing Beauty {Book Review and Giveaway!}

While I sincerely hope {after my last experience} that this pregnancy goes full-term... I've got to tell you, the only thing scarier to me than having a preemie is having a term baby!

Sound crazy? First, remember that I would definitely rather carry to term. Second, hear me out.

I am chalking this up to fear of the unknown. I cannot imagine taking a baby home from the hospital immediately after giving birth- by the time S came home, I was fully healed. She was also on an orderly schedule set by the nurses. I knew her personality, what she liked and didn't like, and how to care for and comfort her. Basically transitioning home was a breeze {apart from the oxygen tanks and apnea monitor}.

Another fear I have is what 40 weeks of pregnancy will do to my body. Compared to everything else, it is a minor concern.... nevertheless, a real one. I was back in my pre-baby jeans two weeks after delivering S {with a less than two pound baby, there wasn't much to lose}, and the only mark my body bears from her is the c-section scar. 

Forty weeks in, will I be covered in stretch marks? How much weight will I gain? How long will it take for my body to get back to "normal" after delivery? Better yet, will it ever get back to normal- or will my new "normal" be frightful?

Enter Trina Holden's new {and timely!} ebook- Embracing Beauty: Practical Style for Every Shape and Season of Motherhood. Not only did Trina give me fresh insight and inspiration for my entire wardrobe, she also addressed my recent after-baby body fears. Trina gave me a fresh perspective on the beauty of God's design, the nourishing and life-giving reasons for a mama's shape, and freedom to reject our culture's unnatural ideals.

It was refreshing, encouraging, and very fun to read. If you've ever struggled with knowing how to dress your body type modestly yet fashionably... if you're struggling through a sweat pants slump... if you wonder if your outward adornment even matters... Trina's book is for you.

While still a bit curious, I am no longer fearful of what this season of motherhood might have in store for my waistline. I've been inspired to hit the thrift stores with fresh creative energy, and I'm excited to try some new styles.

Also, bonus? I learned a gorgeous new tie for my scarves {just in time for spring scarf season! hooray!}, and I discovered that my personal neutral is turquoise.Yes, turquoise. Beautiful!

Good news! Trina has graciously offered to give away a copy of her new book to a Purposeful Wife reader :). All you must do to enter is follow the directions in the little Rafflecopter box below. Good luck! If you don't win the copy, I highly recommend purchasing one {in soft cover, PDF, Kindle or Nook format}- you'll be supporting a lovely SAHM of three, and benefiting greatly from the content therein!

Disclaimer: I received a free copy of Trina's book for review purposes. However, I wouldn't recommend it so heartily to you if I didn't love it! Hope you love it too :).

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