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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Orange Peels + Vinegar Cleaner

The picture looked so bright and beautiful and perfect. How exciting to make your own natural, non-toxic, and yummy smelling all-purpose cleaner!

So I grabbed a mason jar, peeled a whole bunch of clementines, stuffed them in it, and poured vinegar over them. I ran out of vinegar when the jar was half way full, and then hoped beyond hope that it would still work.

Instead of leaving the peels to soak for two weeks as recommended, I think I left them for {count 'em} FIVE weeks... oops. I watched the peels get darker and not so bright or pretty. I hoped beyond hope that it would still work.

Tonight I *finally* drained the vinegar into a spray bottle, hoping beyond hope it would still work. The oranges, albeit brownish and dingy looking, had no mold. The only odor was pungent vinegar and citrus. I diluted it one part water to the vinegar, shook it up, and sprayed down my kitchen table and counters.

My kitchen smells {and looks} pretty decent. So despite my failings, I'm going to chalk up this Pinterest experiment as a success.

Unless if there is some nasty disease or airborne bacteria that my family could get from five week old orange peels soaked in vinegar? Please clue me in if this is possible, and I will discontinue use immediately!

Do you make your own household cleaners? What recipes have worked best for you? I'd love to know!

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