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Monday, October 14, 2013

Pumpkin Donut Holes

Pumpkin is one of my favorite fall highlights. Give me a pumpkin spice latte, a pumpkin muffin, pumpkin pie or even a pumpkin candle and I am one happy girl; transported to a land of autumnal bliss.

Donuts are also pretty amazing :). I was super excited to try out this recipe for baked {not fried} pumpkin donut holes. They were the perfect treat for an early morning October play date.

Not at all difficult to make, the little munchkins were incredibly tasty. I ask you, how could a baked good rolled in butter and cinnamon sugar not be tasty? Seriously.

My daughter loved them. Her little buddy loved them. Her little buddy's mama loved them too. Definitely a winning treat!

My only complaint is that they aren't really donut holes. They are actually mini-muffins. You bake them in a mini muffin tin, yet something in me was really hoping they would still come out round. They did not.


Even so, the cinnamon sugar coating is slightly reminiscent of donut holes. They were very delicious, very easy, and a big hit. Oh happy pumpkin goodness!

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