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Monday, November 4, 2013

Take-Away from 31 Days of Pinterest Applied

Oh. my. it. is. OVER! Woohoo!

October was a super fun month. Experimenting with pins, doing the little extra sorts of projects that I never seem to have time for, and then writing about them. But can I just tell you, I am also SO glad it's over? Because that was just a tad exhausting :).

Before we relegate the topic to the archives, I'd like to share my observations on the month of crazy Pinterest Applied.

It was so very worth it! 31 days later, I've got a few new solid cleaning tricks up my sleeve{this one and that one especially}. I've made some gorgeous family keepsakes that both my husband, children and I can enjoy. My daughter and I have been having fun and making memories with sidewalk chalk paint, our felt Mr. Potato Head, the pipe cleaner color sort, and our soap box filled with crayons. We've enjoyed delicious new treats- pumpkin spice lattes, homemade mozarella sticks, twix bars, and incredible PB pretzel chocolate chip cookies. Some of these have become lasting favorites that we will make again and again. Also, my new menu board has given me a renewed excitement and energy for weekly meal planning!

So very worth it. And while I'd never recommend tackling one new pin every single day for a month, I will be attempting to incorporate them into my life on a more regular basis. Small efforts invested into our homes and families pay dividends!

I'm pinning more realistically. I've adapted a new policy: don't pin it unless if you're actually going to do/use it. Pinning just because it is pretty, or makes my mouth water, or looks like some kind of shiny ideal {that will probably never translate into my own very non-perfect life}, is just adding clutter to my boards and my sense of well-being.

I am in love with blue Dawn, baking soda, and lavender essential oil. What can't you use these delightful inventions for? They are sheer brilliance, ladies. I am pretty much constantly finding new uses for them around here. Couldn't commend them to you enough!

Your turn! What have you learned from your pinning experiences? Great life-hacks, deep philosophical insights, and random thoughts all welcomed in the comments!

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