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Monday, October 6, 2014

Peter Rabbit, by Beatrix Potter {1902}

Some classics are more memorable than others, and for me, Beatrix Potter's works stand out as an emblem of classic children's literature. The language is both childishly appealing and extremely intelligent. The sketches are simple, yet exquisite. So much so that my dream baby nursery would, in fact, be Peter Rabbit themed.

I was delighted when some gifted us with a hand-me-dwon copy of the complete works of Beatrix Potter {which you can get on Kindle for only 99 cents- what a steal!}. My three year old loves listening to the stories, and we often read them while having an after nap tea party.

Plot. Little Peter Rabbit finds himself in quite a pickle when he disobeys his mother and goes to Mr. McGregor's forbidden garden. 

Thematic Elements. Consequences of disobedience {Peter is frightened, loses his jacket and shoes, catches a cold and misses his dinner}, blessings of obedience {Peter's three sisters who obeyed enjoy a delicious supper}, stealing, etc. 

Educational Opportunities. Read in the Spring, this tale would be a great companion to planting your own garden with your children. You can also discuss the negative effects of overeating {tummy ache}. Children's understanding and usage of proper English should grow exponentially as a result of reading anything by Beatrix Potter. 

  • Color and cut out these adorable Peter and Cottontail stand-up paper dolls
  • Enjoy these free coloring sheets
  • Color and cut out these stick puppets (once you've clicked through to this site, scroll down a ways and you'll find them). 
  • Make an "R is for Rabbit" letter poster. 
Other Resources.
  • Parents might enjoy the 2006 film Miss Potter. 
  • This simple reading {in an English accent, of course} is very pleasant listening. 
Be sure to also check out... The wide range of Beatrix Potter characters will delight and amuse your entire family: Squirrel Nutkin, Benjamin Bunny, Miss Tiggy-Winkle, Tom Kitten, Jemima Puddleduck, and all the rest.

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