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Friday, October 10, 2014

The Cat in the Hat, by Dr. Seuss {1957}

Many of the classics we've discussed so far this month I do not recall reading as a child. That doesn't mean that I wasn't exposed to them {though I suppose that is the likely cause}, I just don't remember them.

The Cat in the Hat, on the other hand, is emblazoned on my childhood memories. We definitely owned a copy, and I remember loving the bright red and blue illustrations, the rhythm and meter of the words, and the wild imaginations that the Cat inspired in me.

Plot. Sally and her brother are bored. It is raining, mother is away, and they are stuck with nothing to do. That is, until a wild and rambunctious cat appears at their door! Despite their goldfish's prolific warnings, this Cat gets into tons of trouble, only to clean it up and graciously excuse himself just as mother reappears.

Author. Dr. Seuss is the beloved pen name of Theodore Geisel.  Geisel wrote this book to provide a more engaging reading primer for young students.

Thematic Elements. The Cat in the Hat may make a big mess, but he always cleans up after himself. This is a great fact to remind your children of when they are complaining about clean up time ;). This story also provides a good opportunity to talk with your kids about always telling mom and dad what goes on, and asking for permission before going places or asking people over.

Educational Opportunities. Discuss the weather {science}, and what activities are appropriate in different types of weather. You can practice number recognition of 1 and 2 with Thing 1 and Thing 2. The language is simple and rhymes, so this is an excellent book for beginning reading skills.


Other Resources. Enjoy this video rendition of the story via YouTube.

Be sure to also check out... The many, many other excellent Dr. Seuss books! He published 46 titles, so you have plenty of reading material to exhaust in him :).

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