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Saturday, November 1, 2014

Other Books We Love

When the idea of 31 Days of Great Books for Preschoolers first occurred to me, I struggled to think up enough titles to cover. Could I really find that many great books???

Of course, not long into my preparations and field research {reading with my darlings}, I realized that I would have the opposite problem. How could I narrow it down?!??

For time would fail for me to tell of Henry and Mudge, McDuff, the Dinosaur books by Jane Yolen and Mark Teague, Kermit the Hermit, Mirette, Ben and his trumpet, Fancy Nancy, Wild About Books, The Pout Pout Fish, Little Blue Truck, Guess How Much I Love YouPajama Time, I Love You Through and Through, The Monster at the End of this Book, The Poky Little Puppy, Little Mommy, the Mr. Men books, the Berenstein Bears, Clifford, Amelia Bedelia, the Nutshell Library, Babar, Click, Clack, Moo, Rosie's Walk, Winnie the Pooh, Jamie O'Rourke, Raggedy Ann and Andy, Othello Bach's work, the work of Eloise Wilkin, The Children's Book of Virtues {William Bennet's Book of Virtues for a younger audience}, and all of David Wiesner's exquisite wordless picture books. And for all of this brainstorming, I am certainly missing at least one hundred other titles.

Which annoyingly, will occur to me as soon as I click "publish."

I've loved gleaning new titles from you all- thanks especially goes to Kristen for her recommendation of Drummer Hoff, a new favorite in the O'Neill household.

For Duck Dynasty fans, we just checked out D is for Duck Calls from the library, and it is a hoot. We've been using it to hammer down S's letter recognition. The illustrations are actually gorgeous!

If you walk away from this series with one thing, I would want it to be the realization that there is an overly abundant fountain of quality literature for preschoolers. The only real trouble is that no childhood is long enough to get through them all. Seriously.

Keep reading with your babes. Keep visiting your library and exploring the shelves when your children aren't running {too} wild. Keep asking friends, librarians, and other kids what books they love. Try to remember and hunt down the books you enjoyed as a child.

The memories you are sowing, and the educational foundations you are laying, will last a lifetime. Keep reading, mama!

Looking for more great books to read with your preschooler? Check out the rest of this 31 Days series here!

Some of the links above are affiliate links- which means that if you make a purchase through them, I receive a small profit at no extra charge to you. But you should know that I am an avid believer in reading for free through both local and church libraries ;). Thanks for supporting The Purposeful Wife!

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