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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

4 Simple Projects for the Beginning Knitter

I've come to terms with it: I will never be a fancy knitter. While I drool over cable knits, darling hats with pom poms, and baby booties, I know that mathematical patterns and complex handiwork are not my forte. For pete's sake, I don't even purl!

I learned how to knit while on bed rest with my son a little over a year ago. And while I don't have any great ambitions for the art, I do love knitting. I find it so relaxing and wholesome. It's a way for me to still feel productive while watching t.v. with my husband, visiting with friends, and going on long car rides.

If you're just starting out, or have mastered only the basic knit stitch, these are projects you should be able to complete with little trouble. I've tried my hand at all of them, and had a good time doing it. Some of them may even pass muster for Christmas gifts. Winter, with its cold, long evenings, is the perfect time of year to pick up this cozy craft.

1. Dish Scrubby. The very first project I ever made. Okay, probably the very first five or six projects I made. Cast on as many stitches as you deem necessary {I think I do around 35- just depends on what size cloth you want}. Since making these I no longer purchase sponges to wash my dishes with. I love that it is cute and simple, but that it also saves money. You can practice on these and make plenty of mistakes, but still use the end product.

2. Basic Scarf. The first scarf I made was a skinny one for my daughter. I just cast on 15 stitches and knit until my roll of yarn was gone {I had already used that roll on multiple dish cloths}. Now I'm into matching father/son and mother/daughter scarfs. Cast on enough stitches to achieve the thickness you desire, and cast off when it reaches your desired length. Yes, scarves look nicer when you know how to purl and can alternate stitches. But it is so not necessary if you have yet to master the skill.

3. Headband. What better way to keep your ears warm this winter? This darling, super-simple pattern also doubles as a cowl. It's the first project I did that felt like a for real knitting accomplishment.

4. Infinity Scarf. This beast might take you all winter to complete, but it is so worth it. I simply cast on 60 stitches and called it done {again} when I ran out of yarn. Then I stitched the ends together with a large needle and my last yarn fragments.

If I ever end up on bed rest again I intend to learn how to crochet- I've heard it's quite a bit simpler and faster than knitting. To quote my friend Em, "Rachel, I pray you never learn to crochet." Until then, knitting it is. :) Happy knitting!

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