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Friday, December 26, 2014

An Irish Christmas

I love Christmas in Ireland because it is much slower than its American counterpart. Businesses remain closed longer, and even the day after Christmas is considered an official holiday {St. Stephen's Day}.

Niall's family typically has a big shindig Christmas Eve night at his sister's house, including a big dinner and the opening of presents. Yesterday we simply enjoyed a huge breakfast at noon, and then a big dinner around 8 p.m. My kids were troopers, eating dinner 2 and 1/2 hours after their normal time, and going to be 2 hours late. Here are a few pictures to give you the flavor of the day.

W looked so cute in his reindeer pajamas. The kids didn't get dressed all day, because, well... because it was Christmas. So there. 

 Breakfast was taken in the gallery/sun room. We were thanking the Lord that it was such a beautiful day- a rare sunny one for this normally rainy Island. We ate rashers {Irish bacon- slightly meatier}, sausages, black and white puddings {think larger sausage, with far different seasonings}, fried potatoes, and French toast {my American contribution, per my Father-in-Law's request}.

 The puppies were drooling outside, just watching the splendid Christmas morning feast. Poor puppies!

W has a new love affair with ketchup. Here he is happily gnawing on his rasher. Yum!

Since the weather was so fine, after the babies went down for a nap {and this mama had snagged a power nap as well}, we went for a stroll. It's nice for Niall and I to get a little one on one time while we're here.

On the beach together. I could not believe how warm it was, considering Christmas in Pennsylvania is such a cold affair!!

After watching Christmas specials on T.V, more cousins arriving, having a dance party with the guitar {Uncle Paul and the kids}, and knitting up a storm {me}, a fine Christmas dinner was served. Turkey, ham, gravy, mashed potatoes, roast potatoes, brussel sprouts with peppers, broccoli and cauliflower, and cranberry sauce. After all the kids had been tucked in, adults enjoyed chocolate biscuits, a Christmas pudding with custard, and Christmas cake for dessert.

S just happened to have a sweater in her suitcase similar to the one her baby cousin was wearing. So I suited her up for a picture- a ten minute break from pajamas before I put her back into them for bed. My brother-in-law got a picture with his much nicer camera that I'm sure is better quality... alas, I don't yet have a copy. This is just going to have to suffice.

Today we are laying low again, eating leftovers and snuggling on couches. Hope that you and yours had a very Merry Christmas!!!

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