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Friday, February 6, 2015

A PreSchooler Valentine's Day Round Up

Doesn't having kids make all of the little holidays such fun?

While Valentine's Day or St. Patrick's Day haven't always registered on my radar in the past, having little people to share and celebrate with makes these days worth marking.

I remember my own mom throwing little parties for us and a few friends. She served bologna, cheese and bread all cut with heart shaped cookie cutters. Those parties are such a highlight as I look back on my childhood!

Here is a collection of some of my favorite ways to celebrate V-day with S and W, as well as a few new ideas we'd like to give a whirl this year. Happy Valentine's! 

S enjoying heart pancakes many a moon ago....
Heart Pancakes. Serve up some adorable valentines for breakfast! I simply add a little bit of red food coloring {if you are strongly opposed, you can use a more natural alternative like beets, cranberries, or pomegranate juice}, and use a 1/4 cup to make one side of the heart, then the other. Mine never turn out perfect, but my kids sure do enjoy them!

Thread Hearts. Last year S handed these out as valentine's to her friends. I simply cut hearts out of red and pink construction paper and used a hole puncher to make holes all around the sides. She threaded them with red yarn, and we tied a bow at the end when she was done. Very cute, and a fun hand-eye-coordination activity!

Love Hand/Foot Print Painting. What a cute way to remember how little your child's hands and feet were in February of 2015 :)! This might have to become an annual Valentine's tradition in our home. 
Photo via HelloBee

Animal Valentines. Crafty morning has tons of valentine animal craft ideas, all shaped out of hearts! I think these are what S will make and hand out to her pals this year. Lady bugs, elephants, puppies, caterpillars, fish... all so very very cute. I also love this pipe cleaner flamingo I found on Pinterest.

Printable Alphabet and Number Matching Game. I heart crafty things has a really cool free printable for helping your preschooler work on their letters and numbers! I can't wait to give it a whirl with S. 

That about wraps up our V-Day! What sorts of special activities or snacks do you do with your preschooler for Valentines? 

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