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Monday, July 20, 2015

3rd Times the Charm? {Pregnancy Update}

Today I am officially 29 weeks pregnant with baby girl #2.

With my daughter, I went on bed rest at 24 weeks and delivered at 27.

With my son, I went on bed rest at 26 weeks, came off of it at 34 weeks, and delivered a mere five days before my due date.

Last Tuesday I had my final ultrasound with the perinatologists to determine if my cervix was shortening and thus at greater risk of preterm labor. I cleared the check, making this my first pregnancy without bedrest!

Theoretically, it could still happen- but at this point my risk drops to baseline. The odds of me going into preterm labor are the same as for any other pregnant woman.

I know that statistics don't matter when you end up on the wrong side of them. I also know that the circumstances of this pregnancy and every other rests completely in the sovereign plan of God. My hope is in Him- not doctors, not my weekly progesterone shots, and certainly not statistics.

Nevertheless, this is a huge milestone for me.

29 weeks, and not on bed rest?!?!? The beauty of my present reality has yet to sink in fully.

I'm enjoying my freedom, continuing to nest uninterrupted, and thanking the Lord that I'm able to enjoy the summer with my kids- going to parks, running around outside, taking them to swim lessons. Truly great blessings.

I'll take it.

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