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Friday, July 3, 2015

DIY Dollar Store Bins Makeover

I have a shelf above my washer and drier that was a plain old eyesore. It's the perfect holding space for my kids craft supplies, detergent, drier sheets, and other laundry paraphernalia. The problem was it was all stacked out in the open, which made it look cluttered and disheveled. Since my laundry area is right in my kitchen and I spend plenty of time staring at it, I wanted to make it prettier.

The Dollar Tree is the perfect place to pick up a few bins for a good price. Unfortunately the selection can be pretty limited. The best option I could find to fit my space was bright red. A nice enough color, but a little out of place among the more neutral, woodsy tones of my kitchen.

Enter modpodge and a few old books.

One of my biggest takeaways from reading Myqulillin Smith's The Nesting Place was the importance of infusing your own loves and personality into your space. She featured a bunch of pictures from a book signing party she threw for her sister, all with lovely bookish decor- book page wreath, garlands, etc.

I'm a big lover of the written word, and it inspired me to incorporate more bookish decor in my own home.

I found an old anthology of random classics, and tore the pages, applying them to the bins with mod podge. When they were dry I stuck chalkboard labels onto them for clearer organization, so they don't just become junk holders.

While I'm pleased with the final result, this was definitely the never ending project. Many nights were spent listening to podcasts or watching t.v. with the hubs and working on them. It took several layers of book pages to cover them thoroughly enough. I can't say I love crafting- but if gluing things is your passion, you might enjoy a similar project.

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