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Friday, July 31, 2015

Happy 2nd Birthday, Little Man

Yesterday was W's second birthday. Two years old?!? Probably every mother says it way too much, but I can't believe how big my baby is getting.

It was a blessing to be able to celebrate his big day with my parents. They haven't seen the kids since last Fall, and both kids have changed and developed so much since then. Fun times all around!

A little bit about W right now:

His appetite is finally slowing down. This kid has eaten everything in sight, non-stop, and out-of-control, for his entire life so far... until the past few weeks. Now he is too busy playing to stop and eat. Though he still consumes a healthy amount, it's just not as urgent of a priority as it used to be. Case in point: the kid didn't even finish a third of his birthday doughnut. Unheard of in the past for this boy.

He talks incessantly. In 3-5 word sentences.When he was a baby I worried that a kid with such a chatty older sister might never feel the need to open his mouth, but I needn't have been. The kid can speak!

He also loves to sing. Kind of the sweetest thing ever. His favorite hymn is "Trust and Obey," and he is a fan of "Rockabye Baby" when I tuck him in at night.

He is ALL BOY- full of boundless energy, loves climbing and rough-housing, anything with an engine, and dirt. Ha ha.

He is also very affectionate, super into snuggling, and a mama's boy. Melts my heart.

All in all, he is so much fun, and we are grateful that W is a member of our family!

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