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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Just Start Fresh Now

I don't know where you are at today. Maybe you are right on top of your to do list, feeling super productive, buzzed by your progress as a mom and homemaker. Maybe you haven't been there in a long, long time. Maybe you are feeling a bit buried under your piles of laundry and your list of goals is looking lackluster, gathering cobwebs in some forgotten corner of your desk.

Life is cyclical friends. Seasons change- our health, strength, and sleep patterns wax and wane. Sometimes we are on top of the world, and sometimes we are adrift on an ocean, hanging onto a raft for dear life.

Wherever you are today, just pick it back up now.

Right now you have a fresh moment, with no mistakes in it {thank you, Anne}, that you can choose to use wisely.

No beating yourself up about what you haven't done. No Eeyore predictions about what your tomorrow might look like. Just a simple choice to be faithful in this mundane moment, right here and right now.

So you've been oversleeping and letting your mornings bowl you right over? Just for tonight, tuck in early and set your alarm.

Your kitchen hasn't been clean in a week? Take just a few minutes right now and wash a couple of dishes.

You feel remote and disconnected from your husband? Shoot him a text at work and let him know you love him and are praying for him.

Tired and behind? Shut down your laptop, put down your smart phone. Step outside for a breath of fresh air, or make yourself a cup of tea. Refresh. Then get started with the next thing, right now.

You can't change the past. The future is uncertain. But right now, the Lord has given you this moment to steward and be found faithful. He will give you the grace to follow through. His infinite glory makes our minuscule efforts more than worth it.

For more encouragement in living well right now, check out 5 Ways to Ruin Your Day. Also, The Dishwashing Principle. So good. And, above link is an affiliate link. Thanks for your support!

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