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Thursday, September 3, 2015

Kids Books for Welcoming a New Baby

Two years ago I was pretty nervous about how S {two at the time} was going to adapt to her world being turned upside down by a baby brother. Thankfully, the transition was a smooth one. Today W and S are pretty much besties... though there is plenty of wrestling, quarreling, and toy-snatching between the two of them each day.

W is still very much Mama's little darling... so preparing him for another baby is much on my mind at 35 weeks. We've been visiting friends with new babies, talking a lot about what will happen when our new baby comes, and of course, reading up on the topic. You knew I was going to say that, didn't you ;)?

The New Baby by Harold and Ruth Shane, illustrations by Eloise Wilkin. Profuse thanks to my mother for saving this book from my childhood. Out of print and tough to come by, it is so well written. The pictures are beautiful, and also kind of a riot to look at- very dated clothing. If you happen to come across this at a yard sale or thrift shop, definitely pick it up. Or scour your inner-library system to see if you can snatch a copy.

Hi New Baby! by Robie H. Harris. The big sister in this book wrestles with a roller coaster of emotions {many negative} at the birth of her new brother... but all ends well. Love the super realistic illustrations- the newborn faces on the baby are so exquisitely true to life, and breastfeeding is depicted in a very normal but not too graphic way ;).

I Love My Baby Sister...Most of the Time by Elaine Edelman. Another one saved by my mother! The baby sister in this book is not a newborn, and the big sister has all sorts of challenges to struggle with as her sister gets into her stuff and at times makes life difficult. But someday soon, her sister will grow up and they can be good friends. Sweet and comical.

A Baby Sister for Frances by Russell Hoban. A bit lengthy for my two year old son's attention span, but my four year old daughter loves it. Frances learns that although a new baby might mean she has to play quietly, wear a blue dress instead of her favorite yellow one, and occasionally miss out on raisins in her oatmeal... chocolate cake and family love will always be there for her :).

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