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Monday, November 2, 2015

6 Guaranteed Strategies to Turn Around a Rough Morning

So your day is off to a rough start and you are feeling discouraged. How are you going to cope with fussy kids, a messy house, all of the demands, and not enough sleep? You know what not to do, but what should you do instead?

Pray, pray, pray. Seriously- praying without ceasing in your head as you start addressing the many needs is priority number one. Confess to the Lord your frustration and struggle with patience. Beg for His help, for wisdom, for grace, and patience. Pray for the child who is fussy- that the Lord would help them to relax, that He would give you insight into what is bugging them and how to fix it, and that you would keep an even keel tone and be given the right words in the right moment. Keeping a steady conversation with the Lord brings a level of calm to my heart on the toughest days.

Under react. Try whispering when you are tempted to yell at your kids. Or smiling instead of melting down when your most precious cup of coffee gets dumped on your shirt {even if you must grit your teeth to do so}. Your newly potty trained kiddo just peed their pants? Deep breath, no big deal, you got this girl.

Make a fun breakfast. There aren't many things in life that chocolate chip pancakes can't fix. Taking the time to make and share a special breakfast with your loves can improve everyone's mood.

Read the Word. Before Facebook, Pinterest, email or Instagram. Let the first words that your eyes see each morning be the words of God. You might not have much time, or quiet, but even taking two minutes to read, meditate on, and pray over a little Scripture will be a blessing. Preach truth to yourself- it's easy to believe lies when the day isn't going your way. Then hang onto those truths.

Slow down. You might have a massive to do list, but really, what's the rush? Calmly and quietly work your way through what you must, but remember that hustle and hurry only makes sloppy work and a stressed out lady. Discern what is crucial on your list, and what can be let go of. Sometimes we put unhealthy pressures on ourselves to do and be everything at once. Today, give yourself a little grace. Or heaps of it.

Dress up. On the days that I am really feeling defeated and lacking motivation, I'm amazed at what a pick me up a pretty skirt, or a marvelous pair of earrings, or a favorite pair of shoes can bring. You've probably heard it before, but let me say it again- dress for the kind of day you want to have. Even if you didn't quite have time for that shower {that has been harder for me since baby 3, haha!}.

And if you come to my door and find me wearing a dress and heels, don't be impressed. Just realize I am probably compensating for something not-so-hot in my day ;).

What are your secret strategies for improving your mornings? I'd love to know!

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