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Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Great Chapter Books to Read to Your Little Girl

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One of the sweetest and easiest ways to tighten the mother/child bond is the simple act of reading together. When we read to our children, we can cuddle up close and enjoy much needed human touch. It's the perfect way to begin or end a day. Reading together builds memories, provides endless fodder for conversation, and creates a beautiful family culture.

Personally I'm a huge fan.

Until recently, reading chapter books together was a special treat that I shared with just my daughter, S (currently 4 years old). We all love reading picture books together, but little brother's attention span didn't allow for much more. Lately he's been sitting for longer and longer though, and gets offended if we pick up a chapter book without him. So I'm trying to branch out and satisfy everyone's tastes....

But these are some wonderful chapter books to be enjoyed especially with little girls!

Mrs. Piggle-WiggleTruly ingenious tales of the woman who knows how to cure every misbehavior in children. Instructive and entertaining for mothers and daughters alike {though I'm sure boys will enjoy these books too!}.

"B" is for Betsy. This charming book is both sweet and simple. It's nothing adventurous or wild, but in following Betsy through her first year of kindergarten, it harks back to more uncomplicated days.

Betsy-TacyWe've read the first two in this series by Maud Hart Lovelace, and both S and I adore the growing up tales of two best friends, Midwest in the early 1900's. Even W laughed out loud at some of their escapades- the first chapter book I noticed he was starting to pay attention to.

Charlotte's WebIt had been a million years since I read this book, and I was surprised at some of the hard-hitting, life-and-death, coming-of-age topics that E.B. White grapples with in this classic story. S and I had a few deep conversations as a result of reading this that I don't think we would have had otherwise.

Alice in WonderlandThis is our current read aloud. S's interest in Alice was sparked bright by a visit to Philadelphia's Please Touch Museum- they have a huge Alice in Wonderland maze in the basement, complete with the Mad Hatter's tea party, Cheshire cat, and Alice costumes for kids to wear. So we pulled the original book off the shelf, and she's been pretending to fall down the rabbit hole ever since.

Little House in the Big WoodsReading The Little House on the Prairie series is a rite of passage for every American girl. What bookish little girl in the country didn't grow up reading them?!? I started this with S shortly after she turned four, and I think at the time she was still just a little too young. So we shelved it, but I can't wait to try again this Fall for kindergarten at home.

Of course I just can't wait to introduce my girls to Anne of Green Gables, the original American Girl's books {I was a total Felicity girl}, Little Women, and A Little Princess. All in good time.

What chapter books would you recommend for reading aloud to little girls? We are always hunting for our next title...

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