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Tuesday, June 20, 2017

24 Weeks, Baby #4

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Life, currently: Busy and exhausting, but good. Niall's days are super full with summer MBA classes and extra work hours. A workable routine has been keeping me on track {though blogging and housecleaning are the hardest things to do regularly right now, when school takes longer or I just need a nap}.

S and I work on her phonics and math most weekdays, I've been regularly reading aloud with the kids after a long read-aloud slump, the kids are playing outside a lot, and our home is relatively tidy. The important stuff is happening! I'm hanging onto that.

On my mind: Recently we've had several friends, or friends of friends, encounter deep grief. Infant loss, extremely premature birth, and even a mother dying after childbirth, has been keeping me sober. This is my fourth baby {6th pregnancy}, and I'm painfully aware that there are no guarantees. We don't know the number of our days.

I'm trying to quiet my heart, pray more diligently, cast my anxieties on God, meditate on the Word... and find hope and help in good books {Holding Onto Hope, Trusting God, and The Hardest Peace are on the top of my list}.

What I'm reading: I'm slowly, bit by bit, working my way through War and Peace. But I'm also making time for some fun summer reads- Still Life {finished, mostly enjoyed}, The Dry {finished, enjoyed}, The Blue Castle {just ordered from the library}, and spiritually edifying books- Faithful Women and their Extraordinary God {really enjoyed}, and Give Them Grace {about to start as a reread}.

Pregnancy: As a high risk mama, I'm excited that my extra ultrasounds are all done... I've just got ten more weeks of progesterone shots to endure. Baby girl is looking good, and I think we've settled on her name. My energy levels are up and I've got no complaints. Varicose veins have been a fun new experience this go-round 😏.

Current Small Life Savers: For the last couple of years I've needed the arch support that only a pair of Birkenstocks provide {unless you've heard of something else I should try?!}. Especially when I'm pregnant! I'm not so keen on the price tag... but for my birthday I found a pair made of the same material as crocs {pool friendly! mess and kids friendly!}, for $100 less than the average pair. They are wonderful! And I pretty much live in them.

Air conditioning in the Kansas humidity is also a daily grace 😊. I've been drinking lots of La Croix sparkling waters {the pear peach flavor is my favorite}, and the Aldi off brand in grapefruit is much cheaper and also delicious. It feels like a treat and comes without sugar or caffeine.

Your turn! How is your summer going so far? What have you been reading? Tell me all about it!

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