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Monday, June 26, 2017

Our Simple Summer Plans

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Being pregnant in the Kansas City humidity means we are laying low and keeping things really chill this summer. Though I may not be ultra-ambitious, there are still some special activities I want to enjoy with the kids to mark the season.

1. Make lots of popsicles. I bought two of Ikea's molds {I have a son and a daughter- she would be horrified to have a blue and green mold, and he would be equally appalled by the pink and yellow} and I have been working them hard.

I love that they are easy to make, the kids can do it with me as a morning "project" together, and they are relatively healthy as far as sweet treats go. Also cheap 😉. And kids think they are the most fun ever. Basically you can't lose.

I've been posting the flavors we try on Instagram and pinning a bunch of recipes on my Summer Time board if you'd like to follow along!

2. Get wet and stay cool. I have weekly midwife appointments, and recently found a FANTASTIC splash park ten minutes away from their office 😍. A tiny little playground sits right next to the sprinklers- perfect for watching the big kids splash while my toddler who is shy of getting wet plays happily. We plan to frequent it a lot!

We also have several friends and a set of grandparents with pools, so swimming is a given.

3. Read aloud. For a few months I'd run out of steam reading to the kids. It was still happening, but I wasn't good about checking out fresh, exciting library books and I didn't find quite as much joy in it as usual.

Now that we've kicked into the summer reading program, and some of our school year responsibilities have let up, I'm more excited and ready to go! We've picked a new chapter book that both the big kids are loving, and the library basket in our living room is overflowing with inspiring picture books. I'm loving it!

4. Go to the zoo. The zoo in our town is supposed to be fantastic... but I have a feeling we will be going to the littler one near my parent's house. A big outing assisted by enthusiastic grandparents is way more my jam these days!

5. Catch fireflies. W and S are obsessed with this book lately, which of course means I'll have to let them stay up late one night to catch a jar full of lightning bugs.

6. Hit up Legoland and the Aquarium. When we moved last summer we bought year-long passes to both places. I've take the kids a handful of times, but since our passes expire soon and we don't intend to renew them, I'd like to squeeze in as many more visits as I can!

7. Have bonfires and make s'mores. Our backyard has a fire pit {whoot whoot!}, and we've done s'mores with the kids once {they loved it}. So messy, but so fun- and a real summery activity.

What are you up to this summer?! Please do tell- I'm sure lots of you have way more exciting plans than me 😉!

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