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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Today's Special Purpose: Surprising my husband!

It is a beautiful sunny day today in northeastern Pennsylvania. And I have been inspired :).

My husband is at work all day, as usual, but he is going on a special guys night out this evening as well. It got me thinking, what if when he came home our house was actually really clean for the first time since baby? Or if I had actually ironed all of his shirts (also hasn't happened since bed rest, hehe)? If his desk was tidied and the nursery actually organized?

As probably happens to most mother's of newborns, my home has been fairly neglected lately. Usually the day is so full of feeding S and pumping milk in between feeds and trying to catch up on the sleep I'm not getting at night, that I feel great if just the dishes get done. And with the extra snippets of time I will confess I am usually reading or trying to rest or relax.

Well, today will be different, Lord willing. Today I am going to push extra hard to accomplish as many noticeable things as I possibly can- things that I know Niall will appreciate! Now I realize that S is going to have demands and needs, and those will be my first priority. And I also realize that sometimes your baby can throw you a curveball that consumes your entire afternoon. But by God's grace I am going to work as hard as I can, for just this one day! And tomorrow I can catch up on rest in a clean house :). Hopefully.

My plan of action: Tackle the vacuuming and ironing, as these will have the biggest impact. Anything that gets done on top of that is sheer bonus. I am trying to be realistic here :). I'll let you know how it goes!

What special thing will you do to bless your husband today?

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