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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Goals for December

So.... November goals were a super big failure. I've been thinking about it, and here is where I went wrong:
1. Unrealistic expectations- Life is a lot different with a newborn! Failing at my three goals helped me to realize what I really can expect out of myself. Getting on the treadmill first thing every morning just might not be realistic right now.
2. Broad goals without a simple plan for accomplishing them- I said I wanted to walk on the treadmill every week morning, and pray every day, and blog three times a week, but I didn't make small goals to get there, and became overwhelmed. This month I will chart more specific, smaller to dos to make it more attainable.
3. No accountability- which has led me to decide that I should OFFICIALLY join the 3in30 challenge.     

What about December? Well, here goes....
 Goal #1: Exercise in some fashion more often. This is so vague! Haha. What I mean is it is good if I do anything; whether it is the treadmill, a walk around the neighborhood, or one of my yoga or pilates DVD's. And it is good even if it is only ten minutes. Because I have to ease myself back into this. And something is better than nothing!
Goal #2: Pray every day! This is still an essential, and I cannot relax on it. If I don't get on the treadmill in the morning (which is a great way to pray I've found), then I will pray during my first pumping session of the morning. I am shooting for at least 20 minutes. This is a minimal amount when we consider the importance of the discipline, really, but again, I have to start somewhere.
Goal #3: Play with baby S more often! It is so easy for her to be just along for the ride as I go about my daily activities. I want to purpose to spend more time focused just on her. To start with, I'm aiming for 15 minutes a day of "playtime." Let me know if you have any fun ideas of ways to play with your baby! I could use the insight.

We will see how December goes. By God's grace I will try to work harder!!! And become more disciplined. Because I have found the better my discipline in these areas, the more joyful life is :).                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

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