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Friday, March 23, 2012

Fridays with Fly Lady, Week #4

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 And another week with Fly Lady has flown by! :) The thing I am loving about these Baby Steps
 is that the days where you add a new habit are cushioned by "easy" days on either side. For example, on one day you might start doing a load of laundry a day, but the next day will just be reading something that Fly Lady wrote. The slow pace is perfect, it makes this so much more manageable.

Day 17- Pick a specific, reasonable bed time, add it to your evening routine, and stick to it. We are early risers in our home, so my husband aims for bed between 8-9 each night. I'm usually stuck up later with the babe... I set my bedtime as nine, and have been doing everything in my power to be ready for bed then. But if baby decides nine isn't working for her on a particular night, I'm stuck. So again, I'm just doing what I can (teeth brushed, evening routine accomplished, etc.) to be ready in the blessed event that she cooperates :).

Day 18- Read Fly Lady's 11 Commandments. Pretty good commandments for the most part :). Number four was definitely the most pertinent for me!!!

Day 19-Read this testimonial from Sink Reflections.

Day 20-Include laundry in your morning and evening routines. Although I hadn't planned on doing laundry this day, I got together a small load and made sure to finish it (folded and put away!) by the end of the day. Because it is so nice to be completely caught up on laundry :).

Day 21-Read this week's Ask Fly Lady question. Easy enough! :)

Day 22- Work on your control journal.

Due to a couple of unexpected late nights this week with random friends popping over, the evening routine (shining sink, laying out the next days clothes, putting out my hot spot) has been pitched in favor of bed more frequently then I would like to admit. There's always tonight, right?

My other 3in30 goals for March: 

-Organize and purge my kitchen. On track! With spending 15 minutes a day deep cleaning next week, it should be well in hand.

-Read six books. So far this month I've read The Hunger Games Trilogy, Lies Women Believe, and am slowly progressing through Respectable Sins, Super Baby Food, and The Horse and His Boy. Have yet to pick up Night. We'll see how that goes! *Click on book title for my review*

How are you doing on goal progression this month?


  1. Good grief! You really astound me with all you are trying to do. And I am impressed with your household's early bedtimes, too. Good going!!

  2. What a list of books you have read/are reading.
    You have done a great job on you goals!!!


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