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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Augustine on Breastfeeding

Feeding S a bottle of breastmilk during her NICU days

 "I know not whence I came, only that your merciful sustenance kept me alive when I did... It was your sustenance I drew from fleshly milk, since neither my mother nor nurses were filling their own breasts with it. You yourself dispensed this baby food through them, following the pattern, the gracious providence, you have embedded deep in nature. You provided that I should wish for no more than was supplied, and that those supplying it should wish to give me what you gave them. The wish to supply me came from the natural instinct you planted deep in them, so that doing me good did them good, a good they did not provide themselves but passed on from you, the source of all good, my God, my rescue at every stage." -Augustine, Confessions, In-Fans (Speechless)

When's the last time you praised God for feeding and sustaining your baby? Beautiful, said as only Augustine could say it.

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