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Friday, April 27, 2012

My Scripture Memory Program Part 5 (Weekly and Monthly Review)

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You've memorized your verse, and have completed an entire month of reviewing it daily. To prevent it from growing dusty in the neglected corners of your brain, you will need to review it weekly. Time to pull out some more envelopes.

Seven, to be exact. Label your envelopes with the days of the week, Sunday-Saturday. Place your verse card (that you have already memorized and reviewed for thirty days) in one of the seven envelopes. It doesn't matter which one, personally, I started with Sunday, just to keep things in order so that I wouldn't get confused.

Say you put the card in your Sunday envelope. Every Sunday for the next 7 weeks, you will pull the card out of your Sunday envelope and review it once by saying it out loud. I keep track of what week I am on by again, making penciled tally marks. Because even before having a baby my brain was incapable of keeping track on it's own :).
6 tallies on this one, only one more week of review to go!

As you memorize more and more verses, you will stick them in your other day of the week envelopes. It is a nice feeling to watch them slowly fill with life-giving Words you've stored up in your heart.

After the seven weeks of once-a-week review, you are going to need a lot more envelopes. Because now we are talking about monthly review- the way that you will keep these verses in your mind and in front of your eyes for the rest of your life (Lord willing!).

Count out 28 envelopes, and mark them numerically from 1-28, for each day of the shortest month. This way you'll get through all of your verses every month, even in February. The months that have more days (which is 11) gives you room to catch up if you miss a day or two here and there.

Apparently I took this picture around the 18th, because that is where I happened to be in my stack.
Now EVERY month for the rest of your life, you can quickly review previously memorized Scriptures by quickly reading or saying them out loud once. It will take a whole 30 seconds (more or less depending on the length of the passage), but the dividends you will reap in keeping it fresh are manifold.

Ta Da! Here it is, my magical Scripture Memory system. Guaranteed to get the Word in your head and to keep it there. Now comes the trickier part of applying these verses to your life and using them in the daily battle against sin.

Does it seem overwhelming? Please, do not think so! It is quite simple in practice. You can go as slowly as you'd like. It took me at least a year to fill all of my day of the month envelopes with verses to review. Now (three years in) I've got two verses in each envelope up to Day 20.

I've taken breaks in busier seasons (such as when pregnant and working, when all I wanted was extra sleep in the morning!), but my envelopes and cards are always waiting for me, ready to be picked up wherever I left off.

Any questions? Tomorrow I'll be finishing this series up with a quick, comprehensive review. All of the instructions in one place.


  1. I am really loving these posts, they are helping me!

    1. Glad you are finding them helpful :). Regular Scripture memorization has really been a blessing to me!


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