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Sunday, April 29, 2012

My Scripture Memory Program Part 6 (Conclusive Summary)

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My one fear about this series of posts is that you will write it off as too complicated. After all, a Scripture Memory program that requires SIX posts to explain it must be confusing, right?

Wrong! My goal in spreading this out so much was to bring clarity to each aspect of the system, explaining it with detail in order to eliminate confusion. I hope that it makes sense!

More importantly, I hope that whether you adopt this system or not, you will come to see Scripture memorization as important, and integrate it into your daily life (in whatever form works best for you).

Just to tie our ends up neatly, here is a summary of this system:

Learn the verse- It takes 5 days to learn a verse. Day 1, you read the verse out loud 25 times. Day 2, 20 times. Day 3, 15 times. Day 4, 10 times. And finally, day 5, 5 times. You should have it pretty well down by day 5!

Review it daily- After you've learned it, for 30 days review the verse by just reading or saying it out loud once.

Review it weekly- Now, for the next 7 weeks, review the verse by reading/saying it out loud once.

Review it monthly- Finally, for the rest of your life, once a month you will review the verse by reading/saying it out loud once on whichever day you've selected.

If you've missed the other posts and this seems to simplistic, go ahead back and read the rest of the series for further details.

Part 1, Introduction
Part 2, The WHY
Part 3, Learning
Part 4, Daily Review
Part 5, Weekly and Monthly Review

This system is great because:
1. It starts small and grows over time, so you can work your way into it.
2. You can take breaks for more strenuous seasons of life and always pick up where you left off.
3. You can multitask while memorizing (fold laundry, cook, nurse, etc.)
4. It engages three senses- your eyes, ears and voice. This really helps to cement things!

May the Lord bless you as you strive to better know Him through His Word!

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