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Friday, May 11, 2012

Happy Mother's Day All!

Officially it will be my first "real" Mother's Day... Last year I was still pregnant :). I guess that kind of counts? At any rate, it feels more "real" this year.

And would you believe that I didn't even realize Mother's Day was this weekend until yesterday? Ouch! Call me a little dense, it's true... I've seen the advertisements, I've read the blog posts... and yet I somehow missed it.

So I apologize in advance to my mother and grandmothers. All of your cards will be a little late this year.

The worst part? I've had them in my possession since LAST YEAR, when I remembered to buy the cards early, but then forgot to send them for so long that it didn't even make sense to send them at all.

Now you know how "squared away" I am. Hopefully I'm not the only super late forgetful daughter out there?

Please, dear readers who happen to be mothers, have a wonderful Mother's Day.

Let's hope that I don't have the same stack of Mother's Day cards still in my possession next year :). A girl can dream!

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